Changes of GST benefits for Peoples

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Changes of GST benefits for Peoples

Several major decisions have been taken in the GST Council meeting in Guwahati. In the meeting held on Friday, 

It has been decided that now there will be a total of 50 products in the 28% slab. There were 227 items in the first 28 percent slab.

GST Council has removed shaving cream, toothpaste, shampoo, chocolate, marble etc from 28 percent tax slab. 

Now only 50 luxury products will be in the category of 28 per cent.

Significantly, the two-day meeting of the council started on Thursday. This is the 23rd meeting of the Council. 

It was considered in the recommendations of the reduction of tax rates for the lump sum scheme of the Group of Ministers, headed by Assam Finance Minister Hemant Vishwa Sharma.

Jaitley had said in the past that there should be no 28 percent tax rate on some items and in the last three-four meetings, GST Council has reduced the GST rate on 100 items. Under this, tax rate has been brought down from 28 percent to 18 percent and 18 percent to 12 percent.

GST Council has given relief to small traders and exporters in its 22nd meeting, so many tax slabs have been cut on many things. The tax slab cut will make things cheaper and the common man will get relief from inflation. Know what happened after the meeting today.

GST on these items from 28 to 18%


Chewing gum, Chocolate, Coffee, Custard Powder, Marble and granite, Dental Hygiene Products, Polish and cream, Sanitaryware, Leather clothes, Artificial fur, Wig, The cooker, Stove, Shaving kits, Shampoo, Deodorrent, Laundry detergent powder, Cutlery, Storage water heater, Batteries, Goggles, Hand watch, Mattress, The wire, Cables, Furniture, Trunk, Suitcase, Hair cream, Hair color, Makeup accessories, Fan, Lamps, Rubber tube, Microscope.


Items from 18 to 12 percent

Condensed milk, Refined Sugar, Pasta curry paste, Diabetic FoodMedical Grade Oxygen, Printing Ink, Hand band, Hat, Glasses frame, Bamboo-Ken Furniture, These things are still 28 per cent GST (most expensive), Pan masala, Aerated water, Beverages, Cigars and cigarettes, Tobacco products, Cement, Paint, Perfume, AC, Dish washing machine, Washing machine, Refrigerators, Vacuum cleaner, Car and bike, Aeroplane.


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