29 goods and 53 services reduced GST

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29 goods and 53 services reduced GST

A decision to reduce the GST rate has been decided on 29 items in the ST Council meeting. GST rates have also been reduced on 53 services. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the idea of ​​bringing petrol and diesel to GST in this meeting has not yet been considered. The decision to introduce new rates of GST from January 25 has been taken. He said that in the 25th meeting of this council, there was also discussion on easing the process of filing returns. He said that after 10 days, the facility to file returns will be discussed.
The Union Minister said that the items which are out of GST have not been discussed in today's meeting, which includes petroleum products. He hoped that in the next meeting, Petroleum Products will also be discussed. Not only that, in the next meeting, it may be considered to bring crude oil, natural gas, petrol, diesel, aircraft fuel ATF and real estate under the purview of GST. Let the GST Council include representatives of all the states.

GST rates in these items decreased

GST from 28% to 18%
- Bus transport buses for public transport
- Old SUV
- Large cars and medium cars

GST from 28% to 12%
- Other vehicles excluding SUVs, medium and large cars

GST from 18% to 12%
Sugar-boiled confectionery
- Drinking water in a bottle of 20 liters
- Phosphoric acid used in manure
- biodiesel
- bio pesticides
- DIP Irrigation System
- Sprinklers
- Mechanical Sprayers
- Bamboo stairs

GST from 18% to 5%
- angle of henna
- tamarind powder
- LPG supplied at home by private LPG Distributors
- Scientists used in satellites and launch vehicles and
- technical equipment

GST was 12% to 5% on these
- things made of straw
- Valvet Fabric

GST from 3% to 0.25%
Diamonds and precious stones

Tax free
- awake
- Parts used for hearing aid ie hearing aids
- Accessories
- Doyle Rice Bran

GST rates increased on these 12% to 18%
- Cigarette filter rhodes

Increased from 0% to 5%
- Rice Bran (except for Doyce Rice Bran)

Tax on these services is reduced

These services are tax free

- Information on providing information under RTI
- Legal services provided by government or local body
- On the way by sending goods through sea or sea, outside India
- Transport services to educational institutions to secondary level to carry students, faculty and staff

GST from 18% to 5%

- Tailoring services
- Without input credit on the transportation of petroleum products like petrol and ATF
- Labor Jobs's job

GST from 28% to 18%
- Theme Park, Water Park, Joy Ride

GST from 18% to 12%
- Construction of metro rail projects
- diesel
- With input credit on the transportation of petroleum products like petrol and ATF
- Common Fluent Treatment Plant

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