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GST Billing Software. Get Full Business Solution !!

Start creating GST ready invoices. Impress your clients and send them professional and accurate invoices.

Simple, Efficient, On-line GST Billing Solution

GST Invoice Bill

Create a Professional Invoice : Customize your logo and Company Profile in a pre developed Professional Invoice Format.

Export and Save Invoice : Export your invoice into PDF or DOC Format and save it in to your local system or Cloud.

Send Invoice Online : Email your invoice to your desired customers in minutes.

Regenerate Invoice : Easily get a duplicate and triplicate invoice with 100% accuracy.

Track Invoices : See overdue invoices at a glance and send reminders to your outstanding accounts.


Invoice Reports

Invoice Reporting is most important to manage a Business. With GSTROOT you can track invoice reports from various filters.

Bill wise Report: You can track report from bill wise .i.e. : Tax Invoice, Bill of Supply, Receipt Voucher etc.

Client wise Report : You can select a client from your client list and track desired report.

GST Return wise Report : You can track report from GSTR-1, GSTR-2 and GSTR-3.

Services/Good wise Report : You can track report from your selected goods or services.

Date wise Report : You can select from and to date from calender and get desired invoice report.

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Other Features

Gst Manage Clients

Manage Clients

Access your account, add and manage your Clients, and stay organized on your online software.

Gst Manage Stock

Manage Stock

View and manage your goods stock with quantity and price.

Gst Sale and Purchase Invoice

Sale & Purchase Invoice

With the Premium Inventory option you can issue unlimited purchase orders or bills according to the GST regulations, and access them easily whenever you need.

Account Expenses Books

Expenses Books

Use proformas or quotes to make your clients the best offer and impress them with your professional and modern approach.

Gst Payment Books

Payment Books

If you need to make invoices for exempted goods and services or if you have joined the GST composition scheme, this software lets you create bill of supply, a no-tax document.

Gst bill Status

Payment Status

NEW! With help from our partners LegalRaasta, you can upload your invoicing data from Sleek Bill and fill your GST returns in a convenient way.